The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has called for a ban on boxing in the country following a local fighter’s death. David Browne Jr., 28, died in a hospital four days later after being knocked out in a title fight on Friday.

Browne initially regained consciousness after he was knocked out by Filipino Carlos Magali during their super featherweight bout in Sydney on Friday. The 28-year-old later collapsed on his corner and immediately rushed to the hospital in critical condition. He was in a coma until his family has decided to end his life-support.

Following Browne’s death, AMA Vice President Stephen Parnis has called for a ban on boxing. Dr. Parnis suggested that the sport should be stopped to prevent fighters from suffering the same tragedy.

“The way that boxing is designed, there will be these times inevitably someone will get bleeding or irreversible damage to the brain and they will either lose their life or end up with brain damage,” Dr. Parnis was quoted saying, reported “That is why the AMA thinks that we cannot continue with it (boxing).”

Browne is the second fighter to die this year. In March, Braydon Smith also died after sustaining life-threatening injuries from his bout against Filipino John Moralde. Smith collapsed and was put in a medically-induced coma. Smith never regained consciousness and his life-support was eventually turned off.

AMA President Shaun Rudd has also called for a ban on the sport in a previous report by the local state broadcaster. Rudd described boxing as “barbaric,” which is why he said that it should be ban all over the country.

Tributes from fellow fighters plagued the social media after Browne’s death was announced. Daniel Geale was one of the first who tweeted his grief over Browne’s passing.

Meanwhile, Browne’s opponent, Magali, has apologised for the fate that the Australian fighter suffered in their bout. Magali told GMA Network that it took an hour before Browne was taken to a hospital. The Filipino offered his condolences for Browne’s family, adding that he never meant such tragedy to happen.

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