Australian Greenpeace Activist Colin Russell, arrested along with 29 other people by Russian authorities after their protest against a Russian Arctic oil rig, has been sent to jail for another 3 months. A court in St. Petersburg ruled that Russell must stay in prison until Feb. 24, 2014.

Greenpeace activist Colin Russell of Australia, one of the 30 people who were arrested over a Greenpeace protest at the Prirazlomnaya oil rig, stands inside a defendants' cage as he attends a court session in St. Petersburg, November 18, 2013. State prosecutors asked Russian courts on Monday to extend the detention of a group of Greenpeace activists arrested over a protest against Arctic oil drilling, saying they could flee the country if they were released on bail. (REUTERS/Alexander Demianchuk)

Russian prosecutors asked the court to deny Russell bail or home detention. Prosecutors argued that the 59-year-old Tasmanian radio operator, who was on board the Arctic sunrise along with the other Greenpeace activists, could flee the country if granted bail.

The radio reporter who was led to the court in handcuff was confined to the defendant's cage during the court hearing.

"I'm here to defend my innocence. I have not committed a crime," he said.

"I have not lifted a hand in an angry manner ever in my life. I have never been violent."

"I don't understand the reasons I'm being detained. I say that my human rights have been violated very, very wrongly and badly."

Greenpeace Spokesman Reece Turner said Russell's family is concerned about his well-being.

"I know it's been really hard for the family to hear about how tough it is for Colin inside."

Turner said Russell has not been getting adequate food and that he has been losing a lot of weight.

"That it's been cold and he's really lonely and isolated," Turner said.

Turner added the hardest to bear was the uncertainty.

"Not knowing when Colin can come home."

The court showed the first sign of leniency when it granted bail to the ship's doctor and a freelance journalist, both Russian citizens.

In its ruling the country said that Yekaterina Zaspa, the Russian doctor, and Denis Sinyakov, the freelance photographer were not among the ones who attempted to climb the oil rig could be granted bail on 2 million roubles ($65,000).