Australia cyclone
Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Ita is seen approaching the far north Queensland coast of Australia, in this NOAA satellite image taken by JMA/MTSAT at 0130EST/0530GMT April 10, 2014. Reuters

The Australian government's Bureau of Meteorology has issued health warnings for several districts for heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and damaging wind gusts that may lead to flash flooding.

According to the meteorology department, the monsoon trough has developed across northern Australia, thus increasing the risk of tropical cyclone forming. The bureau has issued several serious warnings for Carpenteria, Tiwi and Daly districts for thunderstorms and heavy rainfall, accompanied by devastating wind gusts.

The combination of the three damaging phenomena could lead to flash floods in the identified regions. The media statement released by the Bureau of Meteorology says that “the warnings are due to a developing low pressure system that is currently located over the central Top End.”

The meteorology department expects the persisting low over the land to result in significant rainfall over the Top End catchments. This could ultimately result in some significant stream rise. Considering the potential risks associated with stream rise, the Australian government has already issued a Flood Watch in the North West Coastal Rivers in the NT.

The strong winds over NT caused due to low pressure system is expected to turn into strong gale winds by Thursday. The low is later expected to move toward the Top End. The Bureau of Meteorology's forecast suggests that the low will move over the Gulf of Carpentaria around Christmas.

The weather department further revealed that if a tropical cyclone develops, it is likely that it will move across the Gulf of Carpentaria on the weekend following Christmas Day. The southeastward movement of the tropical storm is likely to result in heavy rainfall in areas including north Queensland. The heavy rainfall might extend into next week, the officials say.

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