Australian Football League Player Caught on Video Strangling Opponent During The Game

By @mystidrift on

An Australian Football League game took the internet by storm with a video showing one of the players, Brian Lake, strangling his opponent during the game.

The match between North Melbourne Kangaroos and Hawthorn on Friday was filled with male angst as two players, Brian Lake and Drew Petrie, became involved in a squabble that took place on the field.

In the video below, Hawthorn player Brian Lake is seen visibly strangling Kangaroos forward Drew Petrie during the game. Strangulation is obviously not a form of tackle in football but it seemed like that's what Lee did to Petrie.

In defense, Petrie clawed Lake's face as he claimed he nearly loss consciousness during the strangulation.

Herald Sun quoted Petrie's interview on the "Sunday Footy Show" regarding the incident.

"In the beginning, I am certainly getting involved in the scuffle, no denying that," Petrie said.

He claimed he had attempted to get back to the game by putting his hands down to end the scuffle. However, he and Lake were obviously too caught up already to stop.

"'I think I was just going to grab something because he had me, so I wanted to grab him in some part of his body and I grabbed his face," he added.

However, Petrie claimed the scratch was unintentional. At that moment, it seemed the only thing to do to get back at Lake's wrestle-like hold of him.

Despite the strangulation, Petrie claimed he is okay with it, since football after all is a physical game, which a lot of things can happen.

While the video clearly shows Drew Petrie struggling from Brian Lake's hold, Sportal has reported that the Kangaroo forward is being sanctioned for clawing his attacker. The MRP has reportedly reprimanded Petrie with unnecessary contact to Lake's face.

As for Brian Lake, Hawthorn captain Luke Hodge claimed that Lake has admitted to his mistake. Hodge also expressed his disappointment at his teammate, saying he Lake was caught up in the heat of the moment.

"But he's owned up to it and he'll move on," he said.

As punishment for strangling Drew Petrie, Brian Lake has been suspended from four games in the AFL. According to AFL's official site, Lake disputed the charge against him, saying he didn't strangle Petrie since he didn't apply any pressure to his throat. He said he was aiming at his jumper. Nevertheless, the Hawthorn player pleaded guilty to a minor charge of aggressive wrestling.