Bondi beach Sydney, Australia
Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia. Hannah Chen/ Pixabay

Australia has imposed strict travel restrictions for this Easter holiday weekend. All these in an effort to stop the further spread of the deadly COVID-19.

Around the country, state governments will be cracking down on non-essential travel for the holidays. Even travel within states will be restricted and most recreational areas, like beaches, will remain closed. Australians are asked to cancel trips, stay at home and keep safe.

“A lot of us had our hearts sold on going on holidays or doing something we'd normally do at Easter, and we can't this year,” said Gladys Berejiklian, the New South Wales Premier.

"None of us can travel, none of us can go on holidays."

In Queensland, police will be patrolling the M1 southbound, scanning license plates. Those defying travel bans will be pulled over and potentially fined.

“We can easily check while we’re driving where a car is registered to,” district chief superintendent Mark Wheeler told Gold Coast Bulletin.

“Everyone in that vehicle has made that conscious decision to do non-essential travel, so we would certainly consider to issue fines for everyone in that car, not just the driver.”

Victoria, on the other hand, is allowing people to travel between their properties. The state, however, still bans gatherings in groups and strongly enforces distancing.

“You can’t go to an Airbnb, you can’t camp, you can’t caravan, you can’t boat, you can’t fish. You can’t catch up with friends or family that don’t currently live with you,” police minister Lisa Neville said, The Guardian reported.

Western Australia also has a more relaxed travel restriction, with people being allowed to visit the beach but must maintain physical distancing. The WA health minister warns closing the beaches is an option if they get too crowded.