Nancy Rizk
A picture of Actress Nancy Rizk, who plays the role of Logan in "Counter Play" TV series. Supplied

Aussie actress Nancy Rizk is currently making a splash as one of the stars of Channel 31 drama “Counter Play.” Set in South Point, a harbor side town where it is play or be played, the series stars the Melbournian as a sassy detective. It’s just one of several roles the up and coming actress, who also just nabbed a lead in the anticipated horror film “She’s Not So Ordinary,” has added to her already jam-packed CV.

International Business Times, Australia: Your career seems to be exploding and with a whole assortment of very different projects. Has getting one of the projects helped get the others? Was it a domino effect?

Nancy Rizk: Yes most definitely a domino affect. I believe once one door opens the next opens and so on. When your positivity and love for a passion project opens up, it really is a ripple affect. My advice is to hold on and enjoy the ride.

IB Times: What can you tell me about “Counter Play”? Where does it air?

Rizk: “ Counter Play” is set in the coastal town of South Point. Where wealth, success, couture, deceit, lies, love and drama is the norm.

Counter Play airs on Channel 31 on Monday nights at 8:30pm otherwise you can find it on official website.

IB Times: It was filmed in Melbourne? Any particular locations?

Rizk: The locations were absolutely amazing thanks to our Director Chrys Philips. We filmed in Brighton, Sandringham, Melbourne City and Docklands. Her visions were clear and each location was more grand then the next. We used iconic locations in the CBD and coastally so we could show off the ever so beautiful Melbourne.

IB Times: Is it a distinctly Australian show or do you think it’ll play well around the world?

Rizk: It is an Australian show however the concept is very American, which is why it’s a little daring for Australia. We have viewers in the US and Canada, UK and also in the Middle East. I believe it will take off even more so for Season 2.

IB Times: Being an Australian drama series filmed in Melbourne it’s likely there’ll be comparisons to, say, “Underbelly,” “Blue Heelers” and “Stingers.” How similar is “Counter Play” to earlier shows?

Rizk: “Counter Play” is completely different. This is what Chrys has done brilliantly. Creating a new sexy and sassy series that is the complete opposite to the usual Australian content. Think “Revenge” and “OC.”

IB Times: Your character was introduced to the show to add a ‘twist’ to proceedings. Can you tell us more about how that came about?

Rizk: Logan is who everyone wishes they were. Sexy, strong and best of all gets things done no matter what the consequences. She is women who wont back down, be blackmailed or threatened. She is a very important character as she is a catalyst for more drama that is coming into the show in season 2. It came about as Chrys wanted to make sure women are seen as strong characters rather then being walked all over.

IB Times: Off the back of Counter Play you’ve been cast in a new horror film. Is it also a very distinctly Aussie project?

Rizk: Yes I have, “She’s Not So Ordinary.” It is most definitely a very distinct Aussie project. Director Chris Milson and writer Kerryn Markulin have written this brilliantly. I couldn’t put the script down when I first read it. It is re-written from one of Chris’s books in “The Chosen” trilogy.

IB Times: Where do you hope to be in five years?

Rizk: I am currently the creator of a Sci-Fi series that has been in the works for the last 2 years and I am hoping to have that up and running within the next 5 years as well as booking as much work as I can.