Scott Kelly has shared a number of images of Earth from space since the beginning of his International Space Station Mission. Recently, the ISS astronaut captured the landscape of Australian land from 400 kilometres above Earth and shared them on his official Twitter account.

The spectacular images represent Australia's unrecognisable natural terrain and landscape rather than its vegetation. The colour-enhanced images were shot from a Nikon D4 camera .

The image shows Lake Gairdner in South Australia. Lake Gairdner is a large salt lake. Scott Kelly/NASA
This image of Lake Everard in South Australia shows salt lakes taking the shape of a cell. Scott Kelly/NASA
This image shows water flowing into an outback lake. Scott Kelly/NASA
This beautiful image represent Australia's eroded desert landscape. Scott Kelly/NASA
Thought to represent an arid area, the exact location of this image has not been identified yet. Scott Kelly/NASA
The image represent the red centre. In April, Kelly posted on Twitter: ‘Australia. You are very beautiful. Thanks for being there to brighten our day.’ Scott Kelly/NASA
The image represents Central Australia's red sand dunes. Scott Kelly/NASA

Earlier in September, Kelly shared a spectacular image of the Great Exuma Island in the Bahamas and a lone aircraft flying over it. The picture showcased the beautiful island cays and tidal channels between them.

Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko, a Russian astronaut, are on a one-year mission aboard the ISS. Since the beginning of the mission, Kelly has been instrumental in sharing views of Earth from space. Oct. 13 marked the completion of his 200-day mission.

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