Oscar 2014 Selfie Shot
An image posted by Oscars show host Ellen DeGeneres (bottom row, 4th L) on her Twitter account. Picture taken March 2, 2014. REUTERS/Ellen DeGeneres/Handou

"Selfie" was lauded as the famous "word" in 2013 by Oxford.

Adding cherry on top, "selfie" is taking a leap from the "Literary World" (sic) to the "Technology World" by debuting on Apple. Selfie has now its own section in Apple's App Store (iTunes).

Selfie became even more popular during 2014 Oscars, with Ellen DeGeneres taking a selfie with a bunch of actors while tweeting. This particular selfie was re-tweeted 3 million times.

What is the Connection Between Apple and Selfie?

iOS users who enjoy taking and sharing photos of themselves can now see a "Sharing Selfies" section in the App Store, which houses some prominent apps like Snapchat, Frontback, Samba, Picr and the crowd pleaser app "1 Second Everyday," letting users to capture, edit and share self-portraits, BGR reported. Most of the apps in this section are free.

Not too long ago, SnapChat turned down offers from Facebook for a whopping $1 billion and $3 billion acquisition. Apparently, SnapChat's owners firmly believe in the advent of cameras and selfies, exploiting the smartphone, tablet and phablet crazy world, Hot Hardware claimed. It seems there is no stopping the selfie.

What is the Future of Selfie?

In the advent of selfies, smartphone makers are devoting greater attention and time to their front-facing cameras. In the previous Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, this brought some of the best smartphones with incredible high-resolution cameras, including HTC Desire 816, Wiko Wax and Huawei MediaPad X1, according to BGR.

There were several other manufacturers who showcased their low-resolution front cameras, but have tailored the software features to improve the clarity and quality of selfies.

What do you think of Apple's new "selfie sharing" section?