Apple Watch
The Apple Watch Reuters/Stephen Lam

The Apple Watch just released three new ads that focus on certain aspects to make it most useful specifically for travel, fitness and music. Each clip – which last for only 15 seconds – is part of the wearable tech’s “Apps at a Tap” campaign.

This marketing move shows precisely how the Apple Watch makes its working apps more accessible to its users, according to Tech Times. The first ad is focused on the device’s music apps. It includes its very own Apple Music app. It also showcases other music-related apps such as Pacemaker, StubHub and Shazam. All of these apps allow the Apple Watch user to enjoy their saved play lists at any place, any time.

The second ad placed emphasis on the device’s fitness apps, such as MLB at Bat, WaterMinder and Nike+Running. These apps are the ones that users oftentimes utilise to help them live a more healthy and fit lifestyle.

The third 15-second video showcases Yelp, Uber, Expedia and Trip Advisor which are famously used travel apps. These will prove to be very handy for individuals who are out and looking for interesting locations to visit and fun activities to do. These recently released clips of the apps were deliberately short since a marketing material previously released already showcased in detail the apps that make up the “Apps at a Tap” campaign.

Furthermore, Apple will reportedly be unveiling its Watch OS 2 update in fall. A feature that Apple Watch users will most likely love about this update is that all of the device’s native apps can be managed on the smartwatch itself instead of offloading the commands to the user’s iPhone unit.

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