MacBook Pro
The 2016 MacBook Pro replaces standard function keys with the new Touch Bar. Apple.Com/Mac

Microsoft and Apple are back at it again as the two tech mammoths flashed their latest product innovations these last few days, with Microsoft introducing its Surface Studio desktop computer and Apple ultimately revamping the MacBook Pro.

Microsoft announced the arrival of the Surface Studio during its Windows 10 event in New York on Wednesday, featuring innovations that the rival iMac would not dare touch. The Redmond-based company also provided details on the upcoming Surface Book and Surface Pro, which will utilise a battery booster and enhanced graphics.

Apple, meanwhile, launched the newly refurbished MacBook Pro during its own conference in California on Thursday. The flagship laptop features a new OLED touchscreen panel located above its keyboard called “touch bar.” The Cupertino-based company provided no updates regarding the Surface Studio rival iMac.

Although the MacBook’s touch bar has multiple functional capabilities that can launch a variety of commands on specific apps, it doesn’t quite appeal to users longing for full touchscreen controls on their display monitors. Unfortunately, Apple refuses to do such an upgrade, calling the innovation “nonsense.”

The Surface Studio, on the other hand, can be mistaken for a gaming computer with its huge 28-inch touchscreen display monitor and potent specs. The Studio is powered by an Intel Core i7 quad-core processor and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M graphics card. Microsoft aims to capture the hearts and pockets of designers with its new desktop PC, an already established practice of its rival Apple.

Microsoft is now giving Apple a run for its money as the Windows-maker tends to take the throne away from its Silicon Valley adversary with more advanced, innovative and flexible devices. And Microsoft intends to release these gadgets. Apple has had patents registered for touch-capable iMacs for over half a decade now but has failed to produce a single unit out of those. Microsoft, meanwhile, has taken advantage of Apple’s lack of action and has capitalised.

The new MacBook Pro will still sell bunches, of course, but the lack of genuinely creative and contemporary updates will hurt Apple and give Microsoft some leverage to take a large chunk out of unimpressed Mac users. The next few months will surely be very interesting as the two titans battle it out for tech supremacy.