A number of Apple TV users who own second and third generation models are dealing with an inexplicable bug that seemed to disable some units. The faulty models cannot access the majority of the channels except the following sections: computers, settings and music.

The owners of the affected Apple TV units can no longer access Hulu, Netflix and the rest of the channels because the menu options have stopped displaying. Although this kind of bug has been around for quite some time now, it has become prominent the past couple of days. MacRumors says that they have received a number of complaints from owners of the malfunctioning Apple TV devices.

The major issues that affect the units include the following: the inability of the Apple TV device to reboot, the incapacity to reset the router and the disabled resetting of Apple TV unit. Although a change in the region settings seems to offer a quick fix, the channels would still eventually disappear overtime. Changing the DNS settings also worked for some of the affected Apple TV owners, but not all.

One complainant told MacRumors that he is unable to access the main menu setting, rendering the device unusable. He said that he has tried restarting both his Apple TV and AirPort Extreme devices as well as inserting all his info into his iCloud account, all to no avail.

“There's absolutely nothing in there as an option. It obviously is logging onto the Internet since I was able to connect my iCloud account. One other strange thing is that my iTunes won't recognise the Apple TV when I plug it in directly to my Mac mini via a USB cable. It just doesn't show up,” he said.

Although not all Apple TV devices are hounded by the mysterious bug, it is considerably extensive. Only the second and third generation Apple TV units are affected by the issue. The fourth gen models are working seamlessly. According to MacRumors, an Apple representative has said that a solution is imminent and that a software update is on the way.