MacBook Air
Connections on the updated Macbook Air are pictured during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2012 in San Francisco, California June 11, 2012. Reuters/Stephen Lam

Even though Apple has not yet confirmed anything about the MacBook Air 2016, not even whether it will be continuing with the Air line or not, some unconfirmed reports are hard to ignore.

First of all, the reports state that an Apple MacBook Air is very much being made and it will boast of some amazing specs such as Apple Pencil, Retina Display and much more. Apple is reportedly refreshing its 13.3-inch MacBook Air and it is very much possible that the product may be released in October.

Of course, inclusion of the Intel Kaby Lake processors in Apple MacBook Air 2016 seems unlikely if the device gets an October release. Apart from the Skylake processors, Apple may also consider AMD’s latest “Polaris” graphics processors.

Rhoda Alexander, Director Tablet and Notebook PCs at IHS Markit Technology told Forbes that MacBook Air 2016 “production started in the second calendar quarter on refreshes of the 13.3-inch and 15.4-inch MacBook Pro [and] the 13.3-inch MacBook Air.” She also confirmed that Intel Kaby Lake processors are not coming to the device.

Thus, Intel Skylake processors seem like a possibility for the MacBook Air 2016. Tech.Mic has reported that the device may sport a thinner design, a flatter keyboard and multi-functional USB-C port technology. This was also confirmed by Bloomberg in August.

The MacBook Air 2016 is also expected to come with improved batteries and better cooling modules. The fingerprint scanner is expected to be incorporated in the Home button. Personal Digital Assistant Siri will be introduced to the device as well.

According to Macworld, the Apple Pencil-enabled Mac trackpads will have features such as a rotational controller mode, an air mouse mode, inertial sensor input modes and a joystick mode.

As per NDTV, Apple could also be bringing the 5K display this October. If that is the case, then the 5K display technology may also be brought to the Apple MacBook Air 2016. In fact, the inclusion of this technology will infuse fresh enthusiasm in Apple fans for the Air line.