Tiny Wings now on iOS and Apple TV
iPhone game of the year “Tiny Wings” now has an Apple TV version which includes new levels and features. Andreas Illiger

Apple iPhone’s 2011 game of the year is headed to Apple TV. The popular iOS game “Tiny Wings” now has its own Apple TV version which the tech giant launched on Thursday. The game has also been updated for the first time in years.

“Tiny Wings” was developed by German game developer Andreas Illiger and was launched on Feb. 18, 2011. The title was an App Store top grosser for a couple of weeks starting late February to early March 2011. “Tiny Wings” was voted as the best iPhone game of the year in 2011, selling a combined 12.3 million copies on both iPhone and iPad devices according to Apple's Game Center data.

The launch of “Tiny Wings” on Apple TV is somewhat surprising. The game has been updated for only the third time since its release and the first time since August 2014. The new update added resolution support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’ larger displays. It also included new levels and an Apple TV controller feature that allows users to use their iOS devices as a controller for the “Tiny Wings” TV app.

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In “Tiny Wings,” the player controls a bird that isn’t able to fly wings due to its small wings. The objective is to use hills to increase momentum and flap where possible to make the bird fly. Timing is required to allow the bird to glide down hills and fly over them. “Tiny Wings” reception has been extremely positive, thanks to its simple gameplay and intricate details.

The Apple TV version of “Tiny Wings” is available for US$2.99 (AU$3.99). The TV game allows two-player gameplay via split screen where a Siri remote is utilised along with an iPhone or iPad as the secondary controller. All progress made on the iOS version can be synced with the Apple TV app as well, so no work or play is wasted.