Super Mario Maker
'Super Mario Maker 3DS,' the customisable platform video game from Nintendo is now available in Australia. Nintendo

“Super Mario Maker” is now on 3DS. The customisable platform video game from Nintendo that was originally launched on the Wii U just over a year ago is now all set for the portable Nintendo 3DS console. The game was launched in Australia over the weekend.

Nintendo scored big on the “Super Mario Maker” on its Wii U outing, with over 7.2 million courses created globally as of May 2016. According to the Japanese gaming giant, said courses have been played for over 600 million times. Launching the “Super Mario Maker 3DS” makes it convenient for gamers to build and play on-the-go.

The Super Mario Challenge

“Super Mario Maker 3DS” includes 100 ready-made courses by Nintendo. One medal is earned after each completed course and extra ones are rewarded if courses are done in precise fashion. In the Super Mario Challenge, medals are needed to repeat courses and try out more advanced challenges.

Helping hands

Fully interactive tutorials are made available courtesy of Mashiko and Yamamura. Basic and advanced lessons are offered for “Super Mario Maker” beginners and old-timers alike.

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Build and play on-the-go

Online modes are available as well. Previously created courses in the Wii U version such as those in the 100 Mario Challenge and the Course World recommended courses are also going to be made accessible for the Nintendo 3Ds version. The Course Bot allows courses to be downloaded and played offline.

While levels can be shared over a local connection or via StreetPass, it’s highly unlikely to share and connect gameplay with other gamers in a global scale like the “Super Mario Maker” on Wii U. The included toolkit is reportedly simple to use just like the on the original console version.

“Super Mario Maker 3DS” Australia price

The “Super Mario Maker” on Nintendo 3DS has an Australian price tag of $59.95 and is available for purchase at Nintendo’s retail partner, EB Games.