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The Apple logo is pictured at a retail store in the Marina neighborhood in San Francisco, California April 23, 2014. Reuters

Apple’s September 9 event will likely introduce the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus prior to the twin devices’ actual release date on September 18. Ahead of the unboxing numerous leaks detail the key features of the 2015 iOS flagship smartphone.

From China, Phone Arena picked up a rumour that claims the next iPhone will showcase high resolution display, which applies for both the regular and phablet-size models. The iPhone 6S, according to a post from Weibo micro-blogging site, will see a huge screen resolution bump up of 2000 x 1125 with the pixel density reaching a high of 488 pixels per inch (ppi). Previously, the iPhone 6 boasted of 326ppi.

The iPhone 6S Plus, as expected, will impress with a higher screen pixels at 2208 x 1242 with the pixel density maxing at 460ppi coming from 405ppi of the 2014 iPhone 6 Plus phablet.

The same blog post, Phone Arena added, was accompanied by an image that appears to prove the huge jump from the iPhone 6 to the 6S in terms of display prowess. And as if to prove that the next iPhone is much more than an increment jump from last year, the report also hinted of key hardware upgrades that involves the iPhone 6S main engine.

Powering the sequel to the iPhone 6 is a 64-bit A9 processing chip that report said will hum away at top speed of 1.8GHz. And to ensure that the iPhone 6S is snappy and will remain so all the time, paired with the new application processor is 2GB of RAM that represents a giant leap from last year’s 1GB of RAM provision.

Capping the exciting iPhone 6S feature upgrades is a sturdier than ever smartphone frame that according to DigiTimes is sourced from Catcher Technology, a long-time Apple manufacturing partner. The Taiwanese firm was tasked to provide an iPhone metal chassis made of alloy that is significantly stronger than the material used with the iPhone 6.

It was unclear, however, if the same metal alloy is the 7000 Series aluminium that in recent months was rumoured as the new iPhone 6S case material.

Apple is seen to start taking iPhone 6S and 6S Plus pre-orders on September 11 and seven days after the iOS 9 flagship devices’ release date should commence.