Apple iPhone 7
An iPhone 7 is displayed in a store in London, Britain October 4, 2016. Reuters/Stefan Wermuth

The iOS 10 jailbreak tool is still elusive and fans, who look up to Chinese hacking group Pangu for regular jailbreak tools, are frustrated. The hacking group has not released anything since September when Apple first launched its operating system.

Many believe that Apple’s regular updates on its operating system are the primary reason for the delay. Fans are still waiting for the iOS 10.0.1 jailbreak tool. Meanwhile, known hacker Luca Todesco has claimed that he has a jailbreak ready.

“Updated my stuff so it works on 10.1 too now,” Todesco wrote on a Twitter post.

Numerous followers of the hacker want him to help out Pangu in releasing a mass jailbreak tool for the people. However, such a partnership seems unlikely. Todesco has earlier come up with jailbreak tools but never offered help to Pangu. However, the hacker’s Twitter posts do prove that an iOS 10 jailbreak is very much possible.

Other groups have also claimed to have jailbroken the iOS 10 operating system though Todesco claims they are all fake claims. If at all there is any truth behind these claims, hacking groups need to release the iOS 10 jailbreak tool quickly as Apple could be working on a beta test of iOS 10.2 already. Only registered beta users will have access to this.

Many however believe that it is impossible this time to jailbreak Apple’s new operating system and that finally the Cupertino-based tech giant has been able to stump hacking teams. Hackers have also claimed that they can’t promise an iOS 10 jailbreak tool as the tool is still unstable. In fact, there may not be any public release.

As per The Bitbag, a team named Unlock-Jailbreak has claimed to have cracked open Apple’s iOS 10 though they have not posted any details on how to download it. Thus, jailbreak hunters can do nothing but wait for a foolproof tool.