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The Apple Inc. store is seen on the day of the new iPhone 7 smartphone launch in Los Angeles. Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

Apple is ready with the iOS 10.1 update after testing it with developers. Even though the update is an incremental one, primarily focusing on bug fixes and performance enhancements, it also brings with it an amazing feature for iPhone 7 Plus users.

The Apple iOS 10.1 update has the Portrait Mode feature the rear camera of iPhone 7 Plus. When Apple released the iPhone 7 Plus in September, it promised the Portrait Mode but the iOS 10 operating system did not have the feature. The new Apple update has the feature in it.

The Portrait Mode feature is a unique one when activated. It blurs the background automatically so as to make the subject standout. Using this mode, users can add bokeh to shots by blurring the objects in background and capturing the subject with amazing sharpness, writes The Bitbag.

However, the portrait mode is available in beta version in the update. Therefore, the feature may not still be completely reliable, especially in shooting photos with the bokeh effect. Moreover, the Portrait Mode will not be available in iPhone 7 and other iOS-enabled devices. It is exclusively an iPhone 7 Plus feature.

This is primarily because of the dual lens feature in iPhone 7 Plus. The bokeh feature uses the second camera of the dual lenses in Apple iPhone 7 Plus. In order to use the bokeh effect, users need to adjust the contrast between the foreground and background. The app prompts when a perfect shot with bokeh effect is ready to be clicked.

The Portrait Mode allows users to shoot images just like SLR cameras. Even though the feature is in beta, it is pretty fast and takes very impressive photos. Hopefully future updates will make the feature more precise.

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