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There’s good news for the Apple iOS 10 jailbreak tool as the Pangu team, the Chinese programming team in the iOS community that has developed the Pangu jailbreaking tools, is now focusing a lot on iOS 10.

Users should not expect any iOS 9.3.4/5 jailbreak tool from now. This means iOS 9.3.3 is the last jailbreak tool for iOS 9. Apple released the iOS 9.3.5 update after a month of releasing the iOS 9.3.4 update.

A number of critical vulnerabilities were fixed in the latest update. However, the firmware update has rendered Pangu’s cumulative jailbreak tool, covering iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3, useless, writes The Bitbag.

Thus, Pangu is concentrating its efforts on the Apple iOS 10 jailbreak and users may expect it soon enough. During China’s MOSEC event, the Pangu team revealed some of the key security flaws in the iOS 10 and even demoed Cydia using an Apple device using iOS 10 beta.

User expectation surrounding the Apple iOS 10 jailbreak tool is immense now as Pangu started working on the iOS 10 early. A number of tech enthusiasts however believe that the iOS 10 jailbreak will be made available before the iPhone 7 release, scheduled next week.

This may not be true and users may expect the update by the end of this year. While Pangu works relentlessly on the Apple iOS 10 jailbreak tool, the iOS 9.3.5 update, available in all devices running iOS 9 via an over-the-air update, was extremely important to fix certain critical vulnerabilities.

The tech giant introduced security improvements, bug fixes and performance optimisations in its update. Users must download and install the update without delay as it will secure their Apple devices from the three "zero-day exploits" fixes.

The spyware was first discovered on Aug. 11 when human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor was sent a suspicious link to his iPhone via text message. He took no chances and straightaway sent the link to activist group Citizen Lab and San Francisco-based smartphone security firm Lookout.

The spyware Pegasus has the ability to jailbreak Apple devices via this link sent as text message. Clicking the link install a malware that uses strong encryption to remain undetected. The hacker then gains access to the user’s smartphone, reported The New York Times.