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An Android smartphone displays the Google website in this picture illustration in Seoul September 7, 2011. Reuters/Truth Leem

The benchmark testing site AnTuTu has come up with a list of the top Android phones for 2014. In case readers thought the numero uno position will be taken over by a Samsung device, the truth couldn't be any further. The smartphone that trumped every other flagship device is none other than the underdog "Meizu MX4" from China.

Under the hood, the Meizu MX4 is powered by a superior octa-core (MediaTek MT6595) processor. This phone amassed a score of 47,765 in AnTuTu benchmark testing. Notably, AnTuTu site tests the phones submitted to its site with respect to the CPU, GPU, RAM, I/O and UX performance. Once the testing is done, the site will provide an overall score to each device. Depending on the circumstance/usage, the score might turn out to be different, each time the app is run. The main factors that give different scores include the temperature of the handset and the apps that are running in the phone during the benchmark test, notes Phone Arena.

Moving back to the benchmark score, following the Meizu MX4, the stock Android OS powered Google Nexus 6 takes over the second spot with a solid score of 47,079. The Nexus device is followed by several Samsung handsets like the Galaxy Alpha with a good score of 45,817 and the mighty Galaxy Note 4 amassing a score of 44,669, taking the third and fourth places, respectively. The top 5 Android phones list gets completed with the addition of the much-loved OnePlus One handset. Notably, this device has scored 44,516 in AnTuTu.

Phone Arena observes that, Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset powers seven out of the top ten Android phones. This includes two devices using the latest Snapdragon 805 SoC and the devices are the Google Nexus 6 and the Galaxy Note 4.

In hindsight, the top Android phones from 2013 were the Galaxy Note 3 (powered by Snapdragon 800) and another variant of the same Galaxy Note 3 (powered by Exynos 5420). Check out the list of top Android phones for 2014 collated by AnTuTu:

1. Meizu MX4 (Score: 47765)

2. Google Nexus 6 (Score: 47079)

3. Samsung Galaxy Alpha (Score: 45817)

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Score: 44669)

5. OnePlus One (Score: 44156)

6. Xiaomi Mi4 (Score: 42460)

7. HTC One M8 (Score: 42039)

8. HUAWEI Mate 7 (Score: 41370)

9. Nubia Z7 Max (Score: 41097)

10. Samsung Galaxy S5 (Score: 40541)

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