The reigning World Boxing Council (WBC) silver super welterweight champion Anthony Mundine remains convinced that he should have unanimously beaten Sergey Rabchenko in their November fight. He is so confident of the previous outcome that he warns his opponent that he will get a worse beating if ever the rematch pushes through.

The WBC has formally made their intentions known by ordering a rematch of their fight during the annual convention in Las Vegas Dec. 22. Now, both sides are given 30 days to work out kinks of the fight else, both sides would have to wait the outcome or garner a purse bid. With the twilight of his career looming, the 39-year-old fighter wants a bigger name to cement his legacy but would not mind deliver a bigger ass-whooping to Rabchenko.

"At the end of the day, I'm more than happy to whoop his arse again, but this time I will do it worse. Because in that fight, even though I fought a great fight, I was a bit tentative at times and I could have unleashed a little bit more," Mundine responded to the challenge of Ricky Hatton, Rabchenko's promoter, who has publicly ordered a rematch through his official website.

If the second fight pushes through, Mundine would have to replicate the first half act of his performance in the previous fight. The Australian cross-over athlete (being a former rugby and football player) charged out of the gates with his aggressive punching before the Belarusian countered in the later rounds and presumably took in the final four cantos of the fight. The result was a reflection of that with two of the judges handing the win to the hometown fighter and the Swiss judge favouring Rabchenko.

Mundine was hoping to flank a bigger name in his next fight, somewhere in the vicinity of a Floyd Mayweather Jr. or a Saul "Canelo" Alvarez in 2015 but with both fighters pursuing bigger names such as Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto, respectively, it appears that the Newton, Sydney native will have to make do with the Rabchenko rematch.

Find the clip of the highlights of Mundine's first fight with Rabchenko below:

(Youtube/Lys Alexandrov)