‘Angry Boys’ isn’t funny?

Aired on Channel Nine, the mockumentary created by comedian Chris Lilley has earned mixed reactions from the viewers, including some social media commentators.
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The second installment of the 12-part ‘Angry Boys’ series Wednesday night has sparked debates as to whether the audience ‘love or loathe’ it.

Aired on ABC, the mockumentary created by comedian Chris Lilley has earned mixed reactions from the viewers, including some social media commentators.

“But the second episode sank even further than the first. Half of it was devoted to an Eminem meets Ali G meets Snoop Dog character. Ten years too late. And not even remotely funny. Worse, it was actually boring,” The Gruen Transfer regular panelist and social media commentator, Rowan Dean said in an article he wrote on The Drum Opinion by ABC.net.au.

Dean acknowledged however that despite its failure to meet the audience expectations, the show’s supporters have remained loyal on the show and have continued to patronize the program.

Dean said: “And I know there's a legion of crazed fans just waiting with baseball bats raised high over their heads to club me to a pulp for even daring to suggest it, but I can't help myself. Angry Boys just isn't funny. Not even remotely.”

Internet users who joined the Live Chat on PerthNow mirror what Dean said of the “Angry Boys”. While others loathe it, others too, love the show.

The haters say:

  • Keggs: Last night's ep was definitely LESS funny than the first one. But S.Mouse is cool.
  • antzantz: last weeks episode was great, major dissapointment last night though in my opionion.

The loyal fans defend the show as they say:

  • CactusCactus: “I love it. Sure its going to take a few episodes to get all the characters introduced, but I still think its funny.”
  • Gran Of PerthGran Of Perth: “Loved the second episode too as it's so true to life, Chris Lilly has not invented those charaters there are out there!”

Divided as they seem on Angry Boys as it continued to spark debates after its debut last week, the show has however dominated the ratings Wednesday night. View more feedback on the show here.

Angry Boys has continued to attract viewers after raking in an estimated 1.346 million Australians who tuned in to watch the show, making it on the third spot.

The viewership shares made by Lilley’s production came very close to MasterChef reportedly collecting 1.401 million at second place in the ratings while Australia’s Got Talent was the night’s winner after recording an outstanding viewers share at 1.519 million.

Though Angry Boys landed third in the ratings, it has continued to attract (with the most number of ) viewers aged 16-39 and 18-49, outnumbering popular commercial series such as MasterChef Australia and Australia's Got Talent.

Here's the top fifteen television programs that dominated the rating Wednesday night, May 18, according to MumBrella:

Wednesday’s top 15 shows:

1. Australia’s Got Talent Seven 1.519m
2. Masterchef Ten 1.401m
3. Angry Boys ABC 1.346m
4. Seven News Seven 1.281m
5. Today Tonight Seven 1.237m
6. Spicks and Specks ABC 1.089m
7. Home and Away Seven 1.085m
8. Nine News Nine 1.083m
9. Criminal Minds – Episode 1 Seven 1.037m
10. ABC News ABC 0.991m
11. A Current Affair Nine 0.985m
12. Glee Ten 0.959m
13. The 7PM Project Ten 0.818m
14. The Big Bang Theory Nine 0.801m
15. RPA Nine 0.741m
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