Angelina Jolie
Actress and campaigner Angelina Jolie arrives at a summit to end sexual violence in conflict, at the Excel centre in London June 13, 2014. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor Reuters

Angelina Jolie has been devastated after a “family scandal” has resurfaced, a tabloid has claimed. Brad Pitt’s wife is apparently feeling vulnerable by the news, with the paper adding that she had attempted to take her own life in the past. Her own father, Oscar winner Jon Voight, even apparently revealed the details of the scandal.

The National Enquirer claims in its headline “Suicide Drama” that Jolie was brought to “near collapse” when a “long-ago, hushed-up dark family secret” resurfaced. This secret, which devastated Jolie, was buried in a paramedic’s report obtained by the paper, and is about a 1991 incident involving her father and the death of a young woman named Julie “Cindy” Jones.

Voight was one of the last people who spoke with the 33-year-old Cindy, according to the authorities, before she took her own life in his apartment near his Hollywood home. Cindy was said to be undergoing a painful divorce, and Voight wanted to help her by allowing her to live temporarily in the apartment. The scandal has now resurfaced, bringing back “painful memories” for Jolie, who had allegedly thought of taking her own life as well.

“Angelina never wanted this to surface again because it reminds her of her own dark past and her troubled relationship with her father,” a source told the U.S. tabloid. “This girl’s death was too close to home because Angie had also thought – long ago – about killing herself!”

The so-called secret is not directly related to Jolie, but it just apparently reminded her of her own vulnerability. The dubious report also suggested that the “Unbroken” director is feeling broken by the re-emergence of the secret, which might bring back her suicidal thoughts.

For someone who has taken preventative mastectomy to lower her chances of acquiring breast cancer, Jolie doesn’t seem to be someone who is a suicide risk. Moreover, this isn’t the first time the National Enquirer claimed Jolie was suicidal.

Back in 2009, the tabloid alleged the 39-year-old actress had a separation anxiety attack when Pitt went to France. She confessed her suicidal thoughts to him by phone, and there were apparently ambulance vehicles that raced to their Los Angeles home to rescue her. The Jolie-Pitts are favourites of the paparazzi to photograph, even the family’s trip to the toy store is extensively covered by photographers. So it’s a wonder no one saw or heard the siren-blasting ambulances that reportedly visited Jolie during her alleged suicidal attempt.