Ryan Beard
A right mix of talent, humor and creativity helped Ryan Beard win the hearts of the judges and audience. YouTube/America's Got Talent

"America's Got Talent 2016" contestant Ryan Beard proved that a homeschooled boy can also be a confident “Ladies’ Man.”

The 18-year-old singer-pianist from Kansas City earned four yeses from "America’s Got Talent" Season 11 judges last June 28 after humouring the audience with an original composition inspired by the realities of homeschooling.

Beard, who admitted to not having had a girlfriend ever, got a standing ovation from the AGT audience — mostly women — for hilariously describing his social life as a homeschooled teenager through an original song he aptly titled “Ladies’ Man.”

'What's prom like?'

In his composition, Beard made the audience laughed about going to the prom with his mum, about being naked while taking his final exams, and being in a relationship with no one but his cat, Cinnamon.

Loud shrieks from young girls in the audience made judge Howie Mandel comment that Beard, after getting four yeses from the judges, could even score a girlfriend amid the crowd because of his amusing performance. Beard’s mum and teacher, who accompanied him on his audition, smiled backstage as her son won the hearts of young girls in the crowd.

AGT judge and former Spice Girls member Melanie Brown described Beard as “sweet, charming, and funny,” while "Project Runway" producer and model Heidi Klum said she wanted to hear more of Beard’s original songs. For his part, former "American Idol" and "X Factor" judge Simon Cowell said Beard’s audition is something that he will never forget, adding that “I will remember you.”

Beard’s audition has been viewed on "America’s Got Talent" Season 11 official YouTube channel close to 1.9 million times for the past two weeks. He also maintains his personal Youtube channel RyanBeard, which features some of his original compositions. The full version of his “Ladies’ Man” song has been viewed over 31,000 times on YouTube and he also has grown his followers on Twitter.

"America's Got Talent" season 11 aired its maiden episode in Australia last June 8. It airs every Saturday on FOX8.

WATCH: Homeschooled Ryan Beard charms the crowd with humorous original composition