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This season of “American Horror Story” is finally taking shape as what could be one of the heaviest and darkest seasons yet. A miracle was achieved through “11/9,” which was a flashback of some sort to an episode with a heavy cult influence.

Spoiler alert! This article contains “American Horror Story” spoilers. Read on if you would like to know what happens efore the next episode airs.

So far, Emma Roberts represents a sharp blade for Ryan Murphy in terms of conveying chilling messages. Her smile, sweet and venomous at the same time, is a masterful piece of art in itself. Just a bat of an eyelash already transforms her into a monster.

Her pairing with Adina Porter has proven to be downright chilling. Porter has proven in “Roanoke” that she is as natural as a duck in the water.

The Independent reports that many viewers might be asking if “Cult” is still about the elections; this is actually where “American Horror Story” takes a strange divide. The show wants to be broad yet specific. This is what makes it dissonant and effective, while some might consider it open-ended.

Kai will become more determined than ever to achieve his goal. However, he may lose members of his cult faster than he could recruit them. It looks like not all of the members are in for him, and his selectiveness has started taking its toll. While viewers get to see how ruthless Kai is, they also get to see his softer side as this upcoming episode will dig into his past. Fans will know why he became who he is.

This upcoming episode of “American Horror Story” titled "Holes" will air on October 3, 2017 on FX. It will also air on Australia on Channel ELEVEN.