Amber Sherlock
Amber Sherlock Twitter/Amber Sherlock

The footage that captured Amber Sherlock criticising her colleague Julie Snook over the latter’s clothing has made headlines ever since it was leaked. While the Nine Network has reportedly found who downloaded the video, they are still searching for the individual who sent the footage to media outlets.

The incident comes from an off-air argument between Sherlock and Snook over the latter’s clothing on Wednesday's Nine News Now. The quarrel revolved around both women wearing white tops.

As reported by the Daily Telegraph, a source from inside the station said the network had launched an investigation into the matter. He said “only a handful of people” could be behind forwarding the video to the media. “It wouldn’t take long to narrow down the source,” the insider said.

The leaked video was received by Mumbrella. In the footage, Sherlock can be heard telling Snook to wear a jacket. Sherlock, Snoop and psychologist Sandy Rae, a fellow guest on the Chatroom segment, were all wearing white tops on the show. “I need Julie to put a jacket on. I asked her before we came on ... I told you two hours ago,” Sherlock said. “I’m sorry, I’ve been flat out,” Snook responded. “Amber, if it’s an issue, I can get on out of here…,” she adds. “It is an issue..” Sherlock says in return. “Go and grab a jacket….”

Following the incident, and the hype it received from the media, Sherlock’s social media accounts were suspended. Although she has since made her accounts public, she is being criticised for her behaviour. Soon thereafter, #putyourblazersonforjulie started trending on Twitter with people pouring in support for Snook.

Twitter user @KristinWells99 wrote, “Amber Sherlock should give a public apology to @JulieSnook. That was appalling bully behaviour. # notcool @9NewsSyd #putyourblazersonforjulie.” Meanwhile, user @bee_starship wrote, “Surprised by @AmberSherlock , thought she was more respectable than this. Definitely doesn't deserve her job.”

The video showing the incident is reportedly circulating around Nine’s offices since yesterday. However, Nine has denied it has found the person who forwarded the footage to external sources.