Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Attach the keyboard in a loose hinge style or snap it secure for a more stable setting with the use of a magnetic strip.An attendee uses his phone prior to the launch event of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in New York May 20, 2014. Microsoft Corp on Tuesday unveiled a larger but lighter version of its Surface Pro tablet as it ramps up efforts to make an impact on the mobile computing market and counter the popularity of Apple Inc's iPad and MacBook Air laptop. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Amazon is offering a marvelous deal on Surface Pro 3 tablet. Purchasing the tablet from Amazon will not only allow buyers to avail a price cut of $100 but also they can take advantage of $100 Amazon gift card.

With Amazon, all the models of the Surface Pro 3 tablet is available with a price cut of $100. The Surface Pro 3 with 64 GB storage and Intel Core i3 is now available for $799. The 128 GB Surface Pro 3 running on Intel i5 processor is now available for $999. The 256 GB Surface Pro 3 with Intel i5 is now priced as $1,299. The 256 GB Surface Pro 3 with Intel i7 can now be purchased for $1,549. Lastly, the 512 GB Surface Pro 3 featuring Intel i7 processor can now be bought for $1,949. As mentioned before, all these tablets are also available with $100 Amazon gift card.

Microsoft Store is also offering a similar limited time offer until Jan 4, 2015 on Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet. All the editions of the tablet are available with $100 price cut along with $100 promotional code and free sleeve from Snugg. One needs to be aware of the fact that the promo code is only available until Dec 20. The Snugg sleeve which Microsoft is giving away with the tablet is separately available with a price tag of $29.99. Sporting a leather exterior, the sleeve is available at Amazon in different colours like black, violet, magenta, red and light blue.

According to Breathecast, the Surface Pro 3 that was released in May is very popular and it has helped in uplifting the Surface tablet business revenue for Microsoft. In the previous year, the Microsoft generated revenue of $400 million in 2013 through Surface tablets but after the arrival of Surface Pro 3, it has jumped to $908 million this year.

Now rumours are hinting to the fact that Microsoft will be unveiling two Surface tablets in the near future, a small-sized Surface Mini and the Surface Pro 4. However, Microsoft has not released any news on these two speculated tablets.