Amanda Bynes
Actress Amanda Bynes arrives for the premiere of the film "Penelope" in Los Angeles, February 20, 2008. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Amanda Bynes is just not all there. On Thursday, she wandered around helplessly, and finally, without a place to call her own, she suddenly just flopped on a sofa in the middle of Beverly Center in Los Angeles, and crashed, according to TMZ.

Unfortunately, her parents are shifting to Texas and transferring their conservatorship to a professional, as they have not been able to convince her that she requires medical attention. David Esquibas, Bynes' lawyer, reported that Lynn Bynes wanted her legal conservatorship divided between herself and anyone else who would be able to control the 28-year-old's area as well as needs. Her lawyer, Esquibas, said that he was trying to get her private housing, and details of the conservatorship could be worked out by Friday, according to NY Daily News.

Her mother Lynn has transferred the conservatorship for Amanda to a professional conservator for her daughter's estate and finances through 2015. He would be overseeing her daily living needs, as well as her medication, food, shelter and doctor's appointments, according to people.

She was living with friends last week, but since then she has been roaming around West Hollywood area without a place to rest. Getting $50 to $100 everyday has still not been enough to convince her that she needs help, although she feels that she doesn't have enough money to even stay at a hotel room for the night. Like a wanderer, she is just roaming around town, trying to cadge on her parents' gift cards worth around Rs 50 to 100 dollars per day. As she is not able to put down the money for a place to live, she is depending on some known friends.

Amanda's parents have control over her assets, valued at $5.7 million. They would be able to help her, but are exhausted by her demands and troubled state.

She was last spotted at Mel's Drive-In at noon at the end of October. She went to Mel's in Hollywood, which is many miles from another dining place from the previous night's. She ate a lot of watermelon, which was sparse, compared to the previous meal consisting of "fried chicken, salmon and a Caesar," according to TMZ.

She was with another man who drove her to a diner in a sports car. The waitress called Amanda "chatty," as she talked a lot about her plastic surgery as well as her hair tie. In between, she was interested in chatting up the people who sat nearby on the tables, and replied "I'm fine" when one of them greeted her.

However, she seemed to be talking to an imaginary person many times, according to the waitress. She paid $100 for dinner and left the restaurant at around 12:55 PM, even though she had to show up in court at 1:30 in Ventura County.