The latest celebrity best friends forever are human rights lawyer Amal Clooney and supermodel Cindy Crawford. It is known fact that Hollywood actor and Amal’s husband George Clooney and Rande Gerber are great friends. In a recent interview with the Evening Standard’s Deluxe magazine, Gerber revealed that his wife Cindy has really taken a liking to Amal. In fact, they share a lot in common he told, according to E Online.

“They are very compatible. Both strong, intelligent, committed women,” he told the publication via Hello Canada. The long-time business partner of Clooney revealed that Cindy has become friends with Amal since the power couple started dating. Rande and George together own a Tequila company called Casamigos.

The couples have also been holidaying together and have adjoining vacation homes on the same estate in Mexico. Gerber told that earlier they had planned to build one big house as George was single then. But Cindy came up with the idea of making two houses on the property, as they had two kids. Gerber added that when both the couples are on vacation in Mexico, it feels like one big party with breakfast at George’s house and lunch at their own house.

Rande reminisced about George and Amal’s Venice wedding in September 2014. The high profile wedding was a $4.6 million extravaganza. The supermodel’s husband was the best man and said that the celebration was spread over three days. He added that they flew in 100 cases of tequila (Casamigos) and drank all of it also.

He was all praise for the celebrity couple and told that they are dealing with all the hype and attention brilliantly. On whether George would become a dad, Gerber said that he was not sure about it, but the actor would make a great dad. In a lighter vein, he also revealed a small secret saying that once both the friends were celebrating in his house and had passed out after drinking tequila. George had stayed over at their home and Cindy mistook the Hollywood star for her husband.

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