Arkham Knight October Update
All of these characters will be playable in the AR Challenges of "Batman: Arkham Knight". Facebook/BatmanArkham

All the November downloadable content (DLC) for “Batman: Arkham Knight” are now available for purchase. The November update adds two new Arkham Episodes, new AR challenge maps and the highly anticipated “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” Batmobile pack, which comes with the costume from the upcoming 2016 film and will be worn by Ben Affleck.

The two new Arkham Episodes are “Catwoman’s Revenge” and “Flip of a Coin.” As the title implies, “Catwoman’s Revenge” focuses on Catwoman getting her revenge on The Riddler after he kidnapped her and used her for bait in the game’s main campaign, according to Comic Book. “Flip of a Coin” has Robin taking on Two Face, who managed to escape the GCPD.

Much like “GCPD Lockdown” and “A Matter of Family,” these side stories aren’t particularly long, but they do flesh out the game’s story. The developers from Rocksteady decided to add more replay value to the Arkham Episodes by adding AR Challenges based on the areas from these short stories.

Speaking of AR Challenges, the November update will let players switch characters for Predator maps. Last month’s update allowed players to switch characters for combat maps, which was a long requested feature for those who played the game.

Those who purchased the US$40 (approx. AU$55) season pass will get early access to the “Batman V Superman” Batmobile pack. This DLC pack adds the previously mentioned costume and vehicle from the upcoming superhero film, along with a track to ride the Batmobile in.

Interestingly enough, GameSpot reveals that the “Batman V Superman” DLC would be free for those who didn’t purchase the pass on Dec. 1. So it seems like everyone will be able to use “Batfleck” to protect Gotham City in the game’s campaign and on challenge maps.

Since the Batmobile has received plenty of love from the development team, it’s no surprise to see two new skins for the massive vehicle. The November update adds Riddler and Robin skins, which can be considered odd since Robin can’t use the vehicle in the game.

All the content is now available for download. Those who purchased the season pass should be able to download all of the content right away, while others will have to pay for the content separately.

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Batman: Arkham Knight - November DLC Update Trailer | PS4 (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)