Sony and Microsoft released the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As the rivalry continues, gamers can look forward for more next generation consoles. Recent reports hint what people can expect from the next PlayStation 5 and Xbox. There were also reports showing the concept for the next-generation Wii. It will definitely be a packed season.

The VoucherCodesPro design team released a series of concept images showing how the next-generation Xbox and PlayStation will be. The upcoming consoles will feature a cloud service instead of a disk. This means consoles will no longer feature disk drives.

The PS5 concept features a hard drive-sized console putting together Sony's cameras and the transforming design of the PlayStation series. Over the years, the Japanese tech giant has been aiming for a sleeker-looking device.

The console will connect through an online service allowing people to compete against each other and download titles. The design features black and blue color scheme - a similar color scheme that has been associated with the PlayStation franchise.


Given Xbox will not require a hard disk drive then it is highly possible for the company to focus more on the Kinect technology. According to the concept, the gamer will use an Xbox controller that goes hand in hand with the Kinect.

The Kinect technology will also allow people to communicate with each other and download games online. The design combines the current framework of the Kinect while adopting the angular build of the Xbox One.


As a bonus, the team has released their version of the Wii remote as well. The same idea applies: no disk drive required. The Wii remote can access the television and equipment. Every time the remote is off, the interface will only feature a blank screen. Instead of individual components, the buttons appear to be subtle ridges on the surface.

There are LEDs under the remote's skin shining through each button. The interactive surface features a tactile and semi translucent rubber.

People will have to wait until the companies confirm the designs and features of each gaming console. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile to look into these concepts. Some of them may be true and may be handy in picking the next best gaming console.

Click here for the concept photos.