The AFL league
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (C) talks with officials as he walks off the the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) before the start of an Australian Football League (AFL) game in Melbourne, Australia, July 17, 2016. Reuters/Tracey Nearmy/Pool

The Australian Football League has been considered a pre-eminent professional competition in Australia. It is the governing body when it comes to Australian football since it makes the rules for the said game. This year has been nothing but good news for this sport because of the turnout of all the things that are happening in the AFL league.

For the AFL draft, there are quite a number of good players that might be picked for this year’s crop of rising stars. They gave out some of the possible picks for this year’s draft. Let’s start with Hugh McCluggage, who is considered to be the pick of the crop this year. What makes him popular is his ability to hit the scoreboard as often as he can., according to the ABC. Another draft pick is Andrew McGrath, who is known to be a quick runner and is best placed in the defense side. Ben Ainsworth, on the other hand, might be perceived as a small defender but his aerial ability is what makes him special.

There are many players that are considered as the crowd favourites. Some of those who made it to the list of are even rookies. One of them is Mitch Hinge from Glenelg team, who a good rebounding defender and can even set up a play with his own poise. There are a lot of rookies this year that are very noticeable not just to the fans but also to different teams. They are being observed in the skills that they have and their ability to play with the team that they are in.

AFL league is not just known for being a men’s game. There are female fans who are also inspired by the AFL women’s competition. It was reported Wednesday night the women’s team have been doing their practice already. A nine-year old little girl by the name of Paige was seen observing. She was asked and interviewed by the ABC on her thoughts about the game.

"It makes me feel good because I feel like girls can do what boys do and we can do want we want, we don't have to have our own things," she said.

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