AFL: Adam Goodes contemplates retirement after controversial booing from fans

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Adam Goodes
Aboriginal activist and Australian Rules Football legend Adam Goodes appearing at a promotional event in Sydney, Australia, April 24, 2015. The relentless booing by fans of aboriginal activist and Australian Rules Football legend Adam Goodes has ignited an uncomfortable debate about race in Australia. Picture taken April 24, 2015. To match story AUSTRALIA-RACISM/SPORT REUTERS/Jason Reed

Sydney Swans star Adam Goodes has considered retiring from the Australian Football League after being consistently booed for weeks. The 35-year-old Goodes was subjected to a flurry of abuse from the West Coast crowd during the Swans match against West Coast Eagles at Subiaco Oval last Sunday.

Goodes, an indigenous football player, said he has been contemplating retirement from AFL, but claims that his exit from the league would not be directly due to the booing, but rather the effect the actions have on his teammates, according to Fairfax reports. However, the ABC reports that Sydney chief executive Andrew Ireland has echoed the team’s belief that the booing has been inspired by racism. Ireland said the Swans believe the treatment of fans towards Goodes is unacceptable, calling the people involved in booing the footballer part of something “inherently racist.” Andrew Pridham, the club’s chairman, also labelled the booing racist.

"If you're booing Adam Goodes I've got bad news for you. You're a racist,” Pridham said, according to The Daily Mail.

Northern Territory Labor Senator Nova Peris, Australia’s first Aboriginal female parliament, claimed Goodes was booed in Perth because he speaks out about Indigenous issues. Peris told Radio National Breakfast that Goodes had “become a target” because of his advocacy, which made people feel uncomfortable.

"It's because Adam has spoken out and he will consistently speak out because he's a proud Aboriginal man and he wants to speak about what's happened in the past. But also he's got answers on how we can move forward,” Peris said.

However, former A-League keeper and soccer commentator Griffin McMaster has called for Goodes to be “deported” over the booing controversy. McMaster, who is currently playing for Heidelberg United in the Victorian league, attacked Goodes on Twitter, saying the Swans star should leave the country if he does not like Australian Day celebration. McMaster promptly deleted his message due to criticisms from fans and media, including Kevin Airs, editor of Australian football magazine FourFourTwo.

Heidelberg United stood McMaster down for the comments directed at Goodes, axing the Australian goalkeeper from Wednesday’s Football Federation Australia Cup match. FFA has “condemned” McMaster’s series of offensive tweets, but applauded the club’s move for dealing with the 32-year-old Australian.

Meanwhile, Australian boxer Anthony Mundine has given his support to Goodes, encouraging the indigenous football star to “stand strong” and stay in the AFL. Mundine, who has long considered himself as a spokesman for the Aboriginal community, said the controversial booing should motivate Goodes to be better than he already is, Fox Sports reported.

The dual Brownlow medalist has been granted a leave of absence and is indefinitely out for Swans’ lineup on Saturday against Adelaide Crows at Sydney Cricket Ground.

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