IN PHOTO: New South Wales police officers wear protective masks as they place marker cones over potential evidence in their investigation into the Sydney cafe siege, December 16, 2014. Heavily armed Australian police stormed Lindt cafe in central Sydney on Tuesday and freed a number of hostages being held there at gunpoint, in a dramatic end to a 16-hour siege in which three people were killed and four wounded. REUTERS/Jason Reed

The 22-year-old Aymen Terkmani, who was accused of sexually assaulting and murdering Mahmoud Hrouk, a Sydney resident, has been refused bail. On Thursday, Terkmani, a resident of Fairfield East, was found guilty of raping and murdering the 16-year-old teenager and was later arrested. However, neither did he appear before the local court nor did his lawyer file for a bail.

Police reported that Mahmoud had several head injuries and was beaten up very badly. His bike was found 200 metres away from his home. Grant Taylor, the detective inspector described the house where the body was found as a "shocking crime scene," reported ABC. The detective further said that the boy was held against his will in the house where he faced the aggravated sexual assault and that could partially be the reason for his death.

On Thursday, the situation turned ugly after the associates of the accused reacted angrily at the journalists outside the court. One has thrown away a reporter’s microphone, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. In May, the deceased man’s body was found in a dilapidated house situated in Fairfield on Belmore Street. Terkmani and Hrouk, who had known each other, met at the Mcdonalds in Villawood. Mamoud was last seen on that evening.

Mahmoud had made a call to his mother but unfortunately it got disconnected. Mahmoud’s mother expressed her grief over her son and said her beautiful boy was her best friend as well. Police confirmed that Mahmoud did not have any criminal records, promising to continue further investigations until the case is solved.

Next week, Terkmani would be appearing before court via video link for a hearing. However, his solicitor Fadi Abbas told reporters that he denies the allegations against him.

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