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The objective in detoxification is to cleanse your blood by eliminating toxins and other damaging substances through the liver, intestines, lungs, kidneys and skin. There are a number of activities that will help you get rid of these agents quickly, resulting a better health and disease prevention.

1. Eat a lot of fiber

Gaiam Life writes that fiber is effective in cleansing your intestines as well as flushing out toxins in the body. Fruits and vegetables are healthy sources of fiber that will also provide a variety of vitamins and minerals to your body. Eat more complex carbohydrates like brown rice and sweet potatoes. Make sure that each of your meals include foods like broccoli, asparagus, cholerlla, cabbage, beets, seaweed, spirulina and artichokes.

2. Drink more water

The average individuals should drink two to three quarts of water every day, depending on their bodyweight. Drinking water will prevent dehydration and your body will be more prepared to flush out toxins and other wastes if you stay hydrated. Avoid drinking soda, sweetened juices and alcoholic beverages during meals and stick to water for effective cleansing of the bloodstream.

3. Sauna and hydrotherapy

Sit in a steam sauna for 15 to 20 minutes to encourage perspiration. Sweating will eliminate toxins through the skin and make you feel fresher and revitalized. Hydrotherapy involves taking a hot shower for about five to 10 minutes. Let the water run through your head, neck and back. Afterwards, take a cold shower for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat the process three times then take a short nap.

4. Exercise

Physical activity will activate your vital organs as well as encourage you to sweat, thereby removing toxins and harmful wastes through the skin. Exercise three to four times every week with each session lasting 30 to 60 minutes. Use a combination of weight training and cardiovascular exercise to effectively detoxify your body.

5. Lower sugar intake

Shape.com recommends that you let your pancreas relax by eating less sugar. Practice consuming less sugar during meals and snacks and will help maintain healthy insulin levels. As a result, you cleanse your bloodstream and also avoid problems like diabetes, cancer and obesity.

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