5 Ultimate Galaxy S5 Features: 16MP Optical Image Stabilisation Camera, Android 4.4 KitKat/Tizen, 64-bit CPU, Aluminium-Magnesium Body & Exclusive Samsung Apps

By @Seju_Juni on

Samsung is going to make Galaxy S fans' dream come true for 2014 with their upcoming Galaxy S5. The company plans to intensely impart Galaxy S5 with all-new hardware components to bring quality, speed and performance in one phone to match the iPhone 5S and other competitors next year.

Know the five ultimate killer features of the 2014 "Dream Smartphone."

Upgraded Processor

Samsung is challenged with 64-bit A7 processor of the Apple's iPhone 5S which one of the most unmatched chipset known today. The company plans to develop their own 64-bit processor to equip the upcoming 2014 flagship smartphone, Galaxy S5.

According to T3, Samsung's co-CEO Shin Jong-Kyun told the Korea Times that the company promises to match Apple's new iPhone 5S processor. Rumours are suspecting that the new A7 processor chipset found in iPhone 5S was actually manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy S5 may even have a higher RAM compared to Galaxy S4 which will maximize the capability of the new processor and support better multi-tasking for multiple Samsung exclusive applications.

Drawback: Samsung needs to create a new chipset which features less heat generation compared to eight-core CPUs. Several cases of overheating problems has been reported that plagued Galaxy S4 owners.

Operating System: Android 4.4 KitKat and Tizen OS

Google's upcoming Android 4.4 KitKat in October 2013 would be the operating system running Galaxy S5. According to the hints revealed by the new Android version, several major changes will be featured from bug fixes to faster and smoother performance. The new OS will also be lighter than any other Android version in history which helps Galaxy S5 in the TouchWiz UI "heavy feeling" issue complained by Galaxy S owners.

Another operating system which may run a variant of the Galaxy S5 is the Tizen OS, co-developed by Samsung. Similar to Android, Tizen features open-source system which allows developers to impart applications in the ecosystem easily. However, Tizen is still young to contend with Android and Samsung is not yet ready to let go of Google at this time. It is unclear if Tizen can support 64-bit chipset.

If Samsung will use two variants, it is possible that the Android Galaxy S5 would carry the flagship title as the high-end type while the Tizen Galaxy S5 is more of like a mid-range if it features a different CPU.

Drawback: Compatibility would be the issue for their new 64-bit chipset. It is yet to be revealed if Android 4.4 KitKat and Tizen OS supports such CPU. But according to Google, Android 4.4 has better multi-core processor handling.

Optical Image Stabilisation Camera

Smart Stabilisation - Samsung's Optical Image Stabilisation - is featured on the Galaxy Note 3 which far better than the Galaxy S4's camera. Samsung is really pressured about the camera prowess of iPhone 5S and to beat this in the smartphone level, Galaxy S5's camera must have Optical Image Stabilisation, 4K resolution, BSI sensor and zero shutter lag just like in Galaxy Note 3.

Drawback: Bugs will be the major killer in the aspect of camera. Camera issues are commonly fixed by software updates and hopefully Samsung can push fast before consumers turn their back from it.

Premium Materials

Galaxy S5 is not going to be plastic anymore and could be made out of aluminium and magnesium components. The company aims to make Galaxy S5 premium and high-quality from the inside to outside - new CPU, higher RAM, high-class exterior - to satisfy critic reviews and fix the "cheap" identify of the Galaxy S line.

Drawback: Expensive! Having premium materials from inside out would cost people a lot which happened to HTC and Sony smartphones.

Samsung Exclusive Applications

Expect more exclusive applications from the Galaxy S5 to make your daily task easier. Some of these applications are from Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 which includes S Health, S Translator, Air Gestures and S Voice. Samsung will add better apps to make the ultimate Galaxy S to date the most powerful smartphone the world would ever know.

Drawback: More bloatware and battery drainers. Samsung must equip Galaxy S5 with a high battery pack and optimise exclusive applications to become battery-efficient.