5 Cancer-Causing Foods

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Bladder Cancer Patient
IN PHOTO: A 52-year-old woman suffering from bladder cancer lies under a radiotherapy simulator used to pinpoint areas to treat at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra April 24, 2012 REUTERS/OLIVIER ASSELIN

Cancer is a dreaded killer though some are hereditary there are those which we acquire because of our lifestyle. One of the major causes of cancer is the food we eat. They may taste delicious and claim to be healthy but we can never tell whether they’re indeed good for our health. Here are the five cancer-causing foods you have to remove from your diet.

  1. Microwave popcorn

Sometimes it’s so convenient to just pop a bag of microwave popcorn while watching your favourite shows. Dubbed as one of the cancerous foods out there, this snack comes in a pouch lined with perfluorooctanoic acid which is a chemical found in Teflon. A study proves that this chemical causes infertility in women as well as cancer in the pancreas, ladder and liver among others. Soybean oil and preservatives such as propyl gallate and the chemical diacetyl present in the kernels are dangerous to one’s health.

  1. Processed meats

Processed meat products like hotdogs, bacons, hams, sausages and the like are also a common cause of cancer. A study conducted by the University of Hawaii claimed that red meat consumption increases the risk of pancreatic cancer for up to 67 percent. These products contain sodium nitrite which is carcinogenic.

  1. Potato chips

People can’t resist opening a bag of potato chips and start munching away. Sadly, these delicious food items you often have in your cupboard can cause cancer. They are fried in hydrogenated oil which contains trans fats and have high sodium content. They also have the chemical acrylamide which is also found in cigarette. The chemical is toxic and carcinogenic.

  1. Refined sugar

Sorry to those who are a sucker for sweets, refined sugar is proven to cause cancer too. It contains high-fructose corn syrup which feeds cancer cells. Aside from cancer, you’re also a likely candidate for diabetes because refined sugar greatly affects insulin level.

  1. Carbonated drinks

A popular thirst quencher, carbonated drinks are being sold everywhere. Young and old alike love to drink these sugary drinks without knowing they are among the most common causes of cancer. They contain corn syrup high in fructose, dyes, caramel colouring and even aspartame which are cancerous.

Keep yourself protected against cancer by eliminating these five cancer-causing foods from your diet. Practice a healthier lifestyle with regular exercise and eating foods rich in nutrients that fight off cancer.

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