The new Venezuelan cryptocurrency "Petro" logo is seen at a facility of the Youth and Sports Ministry in Caracas, Venezuela February 23, 2018.
The new Venezuelan cryptocurrency "Petro" logo is seen at a facility of the Youth and Sports Ministry in Caracas, Venezuela February 23, 2018. Reuters/Marco Bello

In today’s business landscape, the digital space has dominated various industries. For instance, e-commerce has outperformed physical retail as the preferred transaction environment for consumers. Companies are now shifting their focus online to better engage customers and attract new clients. Adding that with the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrency, it is no wonder companies are scrambling to adapt to these developments. After bitcoin reached several record levels in value, the question now has become: is it too late to jump in on the bandwagon?

These three companies took advantage of the opportunities to venture into the cryptocurrency and blockchain scene. It is worth noting that none of them was associated with blockchain and cryptocurrency before; now, they are reaping the fruits of the calculated risks they took.

1. Mansfield-Martin Exploration Mining, Inc.

Mansfield-Martin Exploration Mining, Inc (OTC PINK:MCPI) ventured to cryptocurrency in November last year with its deal with Silverback initial coin offering (ICO). Under the agreement, MCPI will invest 5 million oz. silver doré with Qu Ltd. on the new ICO. Qu Ltd., on the other hand, has been collaborating with mining companies to use the extraction techniques and latest technology required to produce 5 million oz. silver annually.

Mansfield-Martin’s main project remains the Tombstone Mining District where there is an estimated US$65 million (AU$82.41 million) in silver, gold and other metals buried underground. The company, thru the Silverback platform, now lets transactions of silver or gold and tokens that are running solely on Ethereum block. A coin will be worth 1 oz. of .999 silver.

2. Ubiquitech Software Corp.

Ubiquitech Software Corp. (OTCMKTS:UBQU) entered the crypto era with its division, which it hopes to be equally successful as its other subsidiary, HempLife Today™. With, Ubiquitech Software aims to get a slice of the massive market of cryptocurrency services, which is now worth US$150 billion (AU$190.17 billion). offers real-time exchanges on their website, full-suite cryptocurrency charting software, robust alert service, portfolio logging and tracking service, ICO portfolio logging, tracking, and notifications of ICO coin exchange listings, trading calculation area designed to help members calculate difficult calculations on exchanges, wallets and other areas. is set to be launched in the first quarter of 2018.

3. Global Blockchain Technologies

Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (CVE:BLOC) is one of its kind. As the world increasingly leans into blockchain to make things easier and more convenient for them, the benefits and application of a public ledger might seem limitless.

What Global Blockchain does is let its members access emerging ICOs so they can take a look at it before anyone else does and decide if it is worth investing in. The men behind Global Blockchain are pioneers and respected industry veterans and leaders so investors have less to worry about.

The company’s chairman is Steve Nerayoff, who is a prolific serial entrepreneur and attorney. He serves as a consultant for Ethereum and Lisk. On the other hand, Global Blockchain’s CEO is Rik Willard. He is an industry veteran in the field of branded digital engagement concepts. He has led campaigns such as MGM Resorts, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Lucent Technologies, Dictaphone and The World-Famous Apollo Theater, among others.

So far, Global Blockchain has invested in online gaming, the energy sector, KODAKCoin, and sports betting.

These three companies are thriving, thanks to their forward-looking vision involving the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. In the end, it is about adaptability and having a keen sense of awareness of the latest trends and potential areas of growth for a company to survive the changing times.

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