3 breakout industries for entrepreneurs to consider

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A$1 million ($909,000) first prize in the Wilberforce Award, is seen during a publicity event in Sydney August 11, 2010.
A$1 million ($909,000) first prize in the Wilberforce Award, is seen during a publicity event in Sydney August 11, 2010. Reuters/Daniel Munoz

Making money doesn’t always mean sitting around in an office with a 9-to-5 job. Instead of working for a boss, some business-savvy people would opt to become their own bosses through entrepreneurship. Becoming a successful entrepreneur these days, in some ways, is a lot easier as there are now various growing industries to become a part of.

Industry changers come from everywhere, and the world is bracing itself for a lot of changes in the years to come. These disruptors aren’t only emerging to revolutionise various sectors; they are also offering a ton of opportunities for today’s budding entrepreneurs. Striking while the iron is hot is the key to a successful business venture, and taking up entrepreneurial roles in these growing sectors could prove to be profitable.

Blockchain technology

When talking about blockchain, people would initially think about bitcoin and Ethereum, but the technology has been applied in countless ventures since it was introduced in 2009. Now, the decentralised public ledger created through blockchain is used in an array of industries including banking and finance, government sectors and more.

Starting a business venture created using the underlying technology require a deep know-how of blockchain, but there are other ways to become an entrepreneur in this field.

For instance, Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (CVE:BLOC ; OTCMKTS:BLKCF) seeks out blockchain start-ups to support through incubation and funding as well as starting capital, technical development support and legal assistance. Promising blockchain start-ups are emerging from different parts of the globe, and Global Blockchain is using this as an opportunity to get behind blockchain ventures that could propel the sector into a bigger market growth.

Organic personal care products

People are now pickier when it comes to personal products they use due to concerns over adverse effects of chemicals in factory-made products on their health and the environment. Because of this, organic and handmade products are becoming more popular in retailers all over the United States.

One of the leaders in this budding new sector is Saavy Naturals, a subsidiary of Trimax Corporation (TCMKTS:TMXN). Hugo and Debra Saveedra produce 100 percent organic, non-GMO and edible personal products which include soaps, lotions and shampoos. The husband and wife’s creations from their kitchen-factory have already caught the attention of big retailers like Whole Foods. Walmart is also currently distributing Saavy Naturals products and has recently purchased additional orders for their stores across the US.

With the proper knowledge and training, these products can be made in one’s own kitchen. Since the ingredients can be sourced from farms, entrepreneurs will be able to make products with ease.

CBD distribution and production

Cannabis is now a key player in the field of health because of several benefits of the miracle compound cannabidiol (CBD). Though the market has grown quite impressively in recent years, it is still yet to fully mature. There’s still room to grow, as it is projected to be up by 700 percent by 2020. Budding entrepreneurs could learn a thing or two from industry leaders like PotNetwork Holding, Inc.  (OTCMKTS:POTN).

PotNetwork Holding focuses on research and development of the finest CBD-based products one can buy. They have stores all over the United States and they are well on their way to producing on a multinational scale. Most of the CBD distribution PotNetwork does is done through its subsidiary, Diamond CBD.

Its subsidiary has broken several sales records last year, and it continues to do so this 2018. In the first month of this year, Diamond CBD made a record-breaking revenue of US$2.1 million (AU$2.68 million), a 50 percent increase from the previous month’s revenue. At the rate Diamond CBD and PotNetwork are going, 2018 could be another big year for the companies that had a stellar 2017.

The unprecedented growth of CBD is making it one of the best sectors to become an entrepreneur when it comes to how much profit one could make. By taking a cue from leaders like PotNetwork, CBD distributors could grow into bigger enterprises in the years to come.

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