2K Announces New WWE Mobile Game ‘WWE 2K’

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Model And Wrestler Nikki Bella And WWE Wrestler John Cena
Model and wrestler Nikki Bella and WWE wrestler John Cena arrive at the 27th Annual Kids' Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California March 29, 2014. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Off the heels of the sports entertainment spectacle known as “WrestleMania 31,” 2K have announced a new wrestling game for mobile devices; “WWE 2K.” Unlike previous WWE mobile games like “WWE Supercard” and “WWE Immortals,” this new mobile title will attempt to be a proper wrestling game simulation for mobile devices.

Whereas a title like “WWE Immortals” merely used the likeness of various WWE Superstars and put them in a fighting game, “WWE 2K” will be the first proper attempt to bring proper WWE style action to mobile devices. The game will apparently feel like a natural complement to the current crop of WWE games in various consoles, so fans that have played last year’s “WWE 2K15” should feel right at home.

Since the title will be a proper wrestling simulation, it only makes sense to have proper WWE superstars in the game. The main WWE website has confirmed various fan-favourite wrestlers who are set to step in the mobile squared circle like John Cena, Seth Rollins, The Undertaker, Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan and a man who just made his WrestleMania debut, Sting. Each wrestler will reportedly have their full entrances and their own comprehensive move sets.

“WWE 2K” will also attempt to bring a console style experience to this WWE mobile game, as the title will feature a number of modes that will be in the game. Confirmed modes for the game include a Career mode, online multiplayer matches and the fan-favourite Create-A-Superstar mode, which allows players to make their own wrestlers and maybe even recreate a legend or two.

From what can be seen of the screenshot gallery in the WWE website, it appears that this new mobile title is heavily influenced by “WWE 2K15.” Seth Rollins for example is still wearing his Shield attire, rather than the new look he sports now that he’s allied with the Authority.

The mobile title will be developed by n-Space and 2K Studio, Visual Concepts. “WWE 2K” is currently set for a spring 2015 and will be purchasable for a price of $7.99. The game will be available for a good number of iOS platforms like the iPad and iphone, as well as various Android devices.

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New WWE 2K Game Announced! (Credit: YouTube/Smacktalks)

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