The draft pandemic agreement contains an article on the health and care workforce

In the face of pervasive workplace exhaustion and an impending wave of resignations, a remarkable 2.7 million Australian employees are getting ready to leave their positions in the next six to twelve months.

The fact that over 50% of Australian workers report feeling burned out highlights the urgent need for Australian businesses to improve their employee support systems. Critical gaps in workplace wellness have been brought to light by new research conducted by insurer Allianz Australia. The study highlights shortcomings in the way that a variety of needs, including those of people with disabilities and neurodivergent features, are supported and accommodated, reported.

Many workers from such backgrounds feel compelled to conceal personal information out of concern for unfavorable opinions. Employers urgently need to improve targeted assistance strategies across varied demographics in light of rising rates of burnout and resignation to promote inclusive workplaces.

Concerns about how their employer might see them at work led more than 39% of employees with disabilities and 42% of employees who identified as neurodivergent to confess to hiding personal information. highlights that "It's crucial organizations 'focus on supporting all individuals regardless of their differences to achieve the best business outcomes."

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) refers to the process of establishing work settings whereby individuals' distinctive qualities are acknowledged, appreciated, and utilized for the good of the business. Research, however, suggests that institutional and policy changes beyond diversity training alone are necessary for long-lasting DEI improvement.

Australia's high rates of burnout and imminent resignations highlight how urgently inclusive workplace policies and better employee assistance are needed.

Julie Mitchell, Chief General Manager of Personal Injury at Allianz said that "it not only benefits individuals but also their teams, the organization, and society more broadly," emphasizing how vital diversity and inclusion are in the workplace. "At Allianz, we believe in the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace that gives fair and equitable opportunities to all employees."