'The 100'
A poster of "The 100" TV series. The 100/ Facebook

After mostly being second fiddle in the Ice Nation tribe, Echo will now play a more significant role in “The 100” season 5. Actress Tasya Teles, who plays the role, has been promoted to series regular in the show, making her character one of the main ones as the story continues.

Six years have passed since Praimfaya engulfed Earth. It has been relatively safe for over a year now, with radiation levels dropping and the surface coming back to life. But there has been no word from the bunker or the Ark.

Echo nearly lost her life after Roan (Zach McGowan) banished her for cheating in the conclave, and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) upheld the banishment. But the character not only managed to survive, she also redeemed herself. She earned a place on the spaceship to the Ark.

Teles has been promoted to series regular on the show, Deadline reports. That means the fans will get to see a lot more of Echo as the show moves forward.

Season 4 finale ended with a flash forward to what happens six years later. Apart from a tease of how Clarke (Eliza Taylor) has built a new community, and the mysterious Eligius Corporation transporting prisoners, nothing is known about what happened in the past few years at the bunker or the Ark. Fans may get learn about what happened in the form of flashbacks and anecdotes when the show returns.

All the survivors had to face their own unique sets of challenges, whether it was the people on Earth’s surface, the people in the bunker or the team at the Ark. The characters may have evolved with these new experiences.

“The 100” season 5 is set to return next year. With new prisoners arriving on earth, there will be new challenges and conflicts for the people on the surface.