'The 100'
A poster of "The 100" TV series. The 100/ Facebook

Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) may have suffered a setback, but she may still win the war in “The 100” season 5 episode 9. A preview video of the next episode shows the problems Charmaine Diyoza’s (Ivana Milicevic) people will face.

Things were going well for Diyoza until now. Raven (Lindsey Morgan) has helped cure the disease of the villain’s people, but now they will find a way to neutralise the threat they pose.

A preview clip from the next episode posted on YouTube shows John Murphy (Richard Harmon) uniting everyone with a common objective of taking down Diyoza’s people. The most obvious move to weaken the enemy is to kill the pilot, but the heroes will come up with an even better plan.

Raven has a soft corner for the pilot, and doesn’t want to see him get killed. The pilot has the ability to fly the ship to where Octavia and the others are staying, and use missiles to kill them all. Raven proposes an alternate plan, to use the information the pilot has to spark a civil war within the enemy.

The idea is to have the enemy launch a war against itself, and judging by the promo of the next episode posted on YouTube, Raven’s plan will succeed.

Raven and the others may tilt the odds in their favour in the war, but everything isn’t going well back at the Bunker. Bellamy’s (Bob Morley) move to make Woncrew surrender will have deadly consequences. Octavia is very sick, and the promo shows Indra (Adina Porter) saying that Octavia has only a few hours left to live.

Will Octavia die in the next episode? The death, if it happens, will be the biggest shocking moment of the show in this season.

“The 100” season 5 episode 9 will air on July 10.