The 100
Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia in the CW Television Network TV series "The 100." The 100/ Facebook

“The 100” season 5 episode 11 will mainly focus on the flashback events from the bunker. The plot will focus on the one year in which the people of the bunker had to face the most challenging time, and this is the time that Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) turned into the Red Queen.

A preview video of the next episode that has been released online [see below] shows scenes from the flashback. Octavia may seem cruel and demanding now, but even her brother doesn’t know exactly what she and her people had to go through in the six years to survive. Now, the fans will get a glimpse of the events that transformed Octavia.

Octavia had to take some pretty harsh decisions. Food started to run out, and the starving people started to rebel. The birth of the gladiatorial games was a way to keep the population in check and at the same time provide them with some sort of entertainment.

The transformation to become the Red Queen wasn’t an easy one. The preview video shows Octavia reluctantly pulling the trigger in one of the scenes, and this appears to be a watershed moment in her transformation.

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) will manage to rescue her mother, and Maddie (Imogen Tear) will be keen to learn what exactly happened down there in the bunker. Abigail (Paige Turco) appears to be saying that what happened to Octavia is her fault.

It will be interesting to see what Abigail has to say in the next episode. Will Maddie use this information to take over the leadership position of Woncrew later?

Octavia has already burned down all the food source at the bunker, leaving her people no choice but march. The next episode will show Woncrew on the move, facing the challenges of the journey.

Credit: The CW Television Network/ YouTube