A logo is pictured at Google's European Engineering Center in Zurich April16, 2015. Reuters/Arnd Wiegmann

Whenever we are in search of something we just “Google” it. The unquestionable dominance of the online search engine is accepted by all and has now become a part and parcel of our daily lives.

On an average, every second Google handles over 40,000 search queries. This means, it processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. However, apart from regular searches, the search engine is also packed with awesome tricks and secrets, which you could not have imagined. To enjoy more Google tricks also read the second part of IBT AU's Here are 12 more awesome Google tricks and secrets of 2015 - Part 2

To enjoy most of the tricks users need to click on “I’m feeling lucky” on the main search page. Here are the 10 coolest Google Tricks:

1. Google Underwater

Want to see all your search results under water? Yes you can. One can even explore the life under the oceans with the Underwater Street View. Google extended the feature for all the major water bodies across the globe, including the Australian Great Barrier Reef.

Credit – YouTube/WeTeach Academy

2. Google Sphere

The Earth is an oblique spheroid and rotates the around its own axis. So why would Google be flat always? Instead of the regular view of the content, Google Sphere comes up with images and text spinning around an axis. Type anything on the search bar and try the trick.

Credit – YouTube/Masso Dasuki

3. Epic Google and Weenie Google

In Epic Google all the content on the page gets bigger as compared to Weenie Google, which does just the opposite and the content gets smaller. Here is how to enjoy the trick.

Credit – YouTube/Liverpool FC

4. Google Gothic

Music lovers fond of gothic styles would definitely like this Google trick. Users can select any theme and create customised search pages with an uncanny or unusual look and feel.

Credit – YouTube/SujataRoy

5. Google Mirror

What if all your searches come as a mirror image on the home page? Unbelievable but true. To experience the trick, type “Google Mirror” on the search bar and click “I’m feeling lucky.”

6. Google Gravity

The search giant also allows users to play with the gravitational force of the Earth. The Google Gravity team comes up with another interactive search page that pulls down all the searched content at the bottom of the page, as if attracted by the gravitational force of the Earth. This is just opposite to the Google Space.

7. Do A Barrel Roll

It is another funny Google trick that turns the entire page upside down and brings it back to its original position. One should definitely try out this interactive page and have fun. Do not forget to click ‘I’m feeling lucky.’

8. Google Tilt

Just like ‘Do a barrel roll,’ Google Tilt instantly slants or leans the search page right away. To see the magic just type ‘Google Tilt’ on the main search page and click on “I’m feeling lucky.” All the search results will appear tilted.

9. Annoying Google

Yes, Google can be annoying at times. Once you search for “Annoying Google” option, Google starts playing around with the text. All the text, typed on the search bar gets capitalised at random and tests your patience. Suppose the user types ‘Australia,’ Google may come up with ‘auStrAliA.’ Try out the trick.

10. Funny Google

If you want to see your own name in the place of the Google Logo on the home page then you have to try out this trick. Funny Google will take care of everything. Type anything to customise the logo. For example, if you type ‘Merry Christmas,’ Funny Google will create a page with the same logo.

Credit – YouTube / DexMovies

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