'Star Wars: The Last Jedi': Rian Johnson deleted his favourite scenes

By @sachintrivedig on
'Star Wars'
A poster of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," directed by Rian Johnson. Star Wars/ Facebook

There will be some exciting scenes in the Blu-ray version of “Star Wars; The Last Jedi.” Director Rian Johnson has admitted having to delete some of his favourite scenes and putting them as extras of the Blu-ray.

In an interview with Collider, Johnson said that the first cut of the film was “well over three hours long.” During the editing phase, they had to cut it down to about two and a half hours. That means many of the scenes will be available only in the Blu-ray.

“A lot of the good stuff came out in the edit,” Johnson said. Apart from the film, which will be hitting theatres across the globe this month, the director also reviewed the deleted scenes that will be part of the Blu-ray, which will be released a few months later.

What makes the wait for the Blu-ray exciting is Johnson’s admission that some of his favourite scenes ended up being featured there rather than in the movie that will be released in theatres. The director doesn’t have regrets about the changes he made, as ultimately, what fans are going to see this month is something he personally put together. He felt that the movie is “much better.”

“You can watch the deleted scenes on their own,” Johnson said. The director felt that this is the best way to watch them. He said that despite the fact that he loves some of these scenes, they were removed for a reason.

The first movie in the new trilogy “The Force Awakens” is two hours and 16 minutes in length. By comparison, the sequel is a little longer even after the cuts.