'Star Wars: The Last Jedi': DJ has a 'darker perspective'

By @sachintrivedig on
Benicio del Toro
Actor Benicio del Toro attends The National Board of Review Gala, held to honor the 2015 award winners, in the Manhattan borough of New York January 5, 2016. Reuters/Andrew Kelly

DJ (Benicio Del Toro) is a new character introduced in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Disney will be releasing a one-shot comic focused on him. An interview with one of the writers of the comic has been released online, giving insight on this mysterious character.

The comic, written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, will tell the backstory of DJ until the time of his introduction in the upcoming movie. In an interview with StarWars.com, Blacker shared some info on the new comic, promising that it will help fans understand DJ and his worldview, which is apparently “more complicated.” The new character created by director/writer Rian Johnson has a “darker perspective” than the characters fans are used to in the “Star Wars” universe, according to Blacker.

DJ has been described as “crafty” and a “mercenary.” He will be a scoundrel with his own agenda and self-interest, possibly interested in making a nice profit during the war between the Resistance and the First Order. Readers should note that the characters who have played such roles in the past are Han Solo (Harisson Ford) and Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams). Will DJ capture the imagination of fans the way other characters did in the original trilogy?

The story in the comic takes place on a new planet featured in the upcoming movie. Fans will get to learn about how this new world works and other details that will not be elaborated in the film. The Story Group also helped suggest new alien species and vehicles to make sure the comic ties into the larger “Star Wars” universe.  

The comic will be released on Jan. 31, 2018. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” will be released on Dec. 14 in Australia.