'The Orville' season 2 productions starts

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'The Orville'
Picture of Seth McFarlane as Captain Ed Mercer on "The Orville" TV series. The Orville/ Facebook

Work has finally started for “The Orville” season 2. Show creator and lead actor Seth MacFarlane (Captain Ed Mercer) has announced the start of production. Plus, there will be new cast members joining the show this time around.

MacFarlane thanked the cast and crew of the TV series (see below) as he announced the start of production for season 2. The producer said they had an “awesome first day.”

Just a few days ago, the cast gathered for a script read-through. Scott Grimes (Gordon Molloy) shared a picture of him with fellow cast members during the process (see below).

The fun and games are not only reserved within the show, as the actors have already started talking about how they intend to play pranks on their colleagues while filming. Mark Jackson (Isaac) joked about how he plans to give director Jon Cassar an apple and Grimes a wedgie on the first day. Replying to that comment, Cassar said he is willing to join Jackson in giving the wedgie (see below).

Meanwhile, some of the pictures of next season have also surfaced online. Cassar shared a picture of Captain Mercer’s office set on Instagram. Series editor Tom Costantino also shared a few pictures of the set, including a shot of the makeup material for Peter Macon (Commander Bortus).

Chris Johnson will be joining the series this year, too, Deadline reports. Johnson will be playing a recurring character onboard the ship.

The cameras may have started rolling for “The Orville” season 2, but producers are yet to announce an exact release date. The show is expected to return sometime later this year, but given loads of work ahead for the team, it looks like fans will have to wait until 2019 for the premiere.

Credit: Scott Grimes/Twitter

Credit: Tom Costantino/Twitter