A humanoid robot being checked out at the University of Bonn July 3, 2014 Reuters

A research done by the University of Maryland and National Information and Communications Technology Australia, which is a research center and the largest organisation in the nation, found a way to teach robots cooking with the help of YouTube videos. A paper has been published about the findings, and it will be announced at the 29th annual conference of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

According to the Daily Mail, a part of the research involved the impressive use of artificial intelligence and was called "deep learning," which is a hot area for acquisitions as well as is a new area in Machine Learning research. Deep learning is basically researchers making use of training systems knowns as artificial neural networks on information that had been derived from inputs such as audio and images.

"Convolutional neural networks" that were used and are also being used by Facebook. These networks, in this particular research, was used for the purpose of recognising specific objects, in addition to identifying ways in which a hand was grasping an item. Another function that was noticed was that the system also anticipated the action which involved both an object as well as a hand.

Data was selected from a total of 88 videos from YouTube which showed people cooking and this was used to train the robots. The researchers generated commands for the robots and then the robots were able to execute the commands.

Technology experts have said that the researchers presented the system with new information. As responses, they received inferences based on the new information. The researchers are hoping that the results of their study might help in the start of a training programme through which the robots would be able to pursue their own sources for obtaining information.

According to a spokesman for the researchers, the researchers believed that the preliminary integrated system raised hope of a fully intelligent robot. He added that the robot will be able to perform manipulation tasks and can automatically enrich its knowledge with the help of watching videos on the Internet.

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