Downloadable content (DLC) has been confirmed for “XCOM 2,” the PC exclusive sequel to the critically acclaimed “Enemy Unknown.” The game will have a season pass that grants players immediate access to the DLC and a number of exclusive pre-order bonuses for those who like content in limited quantity.

It seems like the developers of Firaxis Games aren’t fond of the term “season pass,” as Shack News has labelled it as the “XCOM 2 Reinforcement Pack.” While the name might be different, the Reinforcement Pack does the exact same thing as a season pass, giving players a discount on three DLC packs, which will be available post-launch.

Additionally, purchasing the US$75 (AU$103.52) deluxe edition will give players the “Reinforcement Pack” right away. Ordering this also gives players a physical copy of the game’s soundtrack.

The first DLC pack, “Anarchy’s Children,” will feature rebellion-themed content. This pack will supposedly feature dramatic customisations for the player’s army.

“Alien Hunters” is the second DLC pack which will focus on an elite XCOM group that are planning to track down “Ruler” aliens. It will add a new mission and a number of new customisation options.

“Shen’s Last Gift” is a fitting title for the final DLC pack. This piece of content will add a new soldier class in the game, which will have unique upgradable weapons, armour and even more customisation options. This will also feature a narrative-driven mission, along with a completely new map to do tactical battle in.

An article from Game Informer has confirmed that the three DLC packs will be available in spring and summer 2016. Spring is when the “Anarcky’s Children” DLC will be available, while “Alien Hunters” and “Shen’s Last Gift” will both come out in the summer.

DLC and season passes are starting to become the norm for high-profile games, garnering a mixed reaction from gamers. The US$50 (AU$69.02) season pass from “Star Wars Battlefront” has received several criticisms, though EA Games and Dice have promised fans that it would be worth the price.

Fans can only hope that the “XCOM 2” DLC will be worth the price as well. The game is slated for a Feb. 5 release, exclusively for the PC.

XCOM 2 - E3 2015 Gameplay (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)

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