Xbox One S
The Xbox One S will launch in August as the smallest Xbox console to date. Xbox

Following the sudden leak of the Xbox One S just hours before its actual reveal, Microsoft has lifted the veil off its newest member of the Xbox family. Dubbed the Xbox One S, it stands to be one of the smallest and slimmest console in its family to date.

The Xbox One S has several changes, most notable of which is the size and the colour as the fresh overhaul has also given it a stark white appearance. According to the Xbox Wire, the Xbox One S is 40 percent smaller than the original console, and it can even be displayed in different ways thanks to the optional stand.

But more than the appearance, the Xbox One S has been given even more beef inside even though the size doesn’t show it. Blu-ray movies and video streaming in 4K Ultra HD is now possible, especially thanks to the likes of Netflix and Amazon Video. It also features High Dynamic Range support for both video and games

Function-wise, there are some aspects of the design that has also changed. The dedicated Kinect port has been removed though compatibility with the device is not removed. The Xbox One wireless controller has also been redesigned to match the revamped Xbox One S. it now has Bluetooth support, textured grip and better signal performance.

The Xbox One S will have three memory size options: 500GB, 1B and a special launch 2T edition. The latter is only available for select markets starting August for US$399 (approx. AU$540). The 1TB Xbox one S will be out for US$349 (approx. AU$470) while the 500GB Xbox One S will be out for US$299 (approx. AU$400). The optional vertical stand is offered separately at US$19.99 (approx. AU$27). While the Xbox One S will come with a wireless controller, it can be bought separately for US$59.99 (approx. AU$80).

Surprisingly, even though Sony was first rumoured to be working on a high-end PS4, it failed to go head-to-head with the Xbox One S for E3 2016. Polygon reported that the now-confirmed PS4 Neo will be sold alongside the older PS4 model. Sadly, it will not be making any appearance at E3 2016.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House also confirmed that the PS4 Neo is designed with hardcore players mind. And it seems that the development of games for the two PS4 consoles is still a tricky thing, though House stated that all the games will support the standard PS4, while all or a large number of games will support the PS4 Neo.

Xbox One S trailer (Credit: YouTube/Xbox)